As a division of Freedom Way Entertainment (founded in 2009), Freedom Way Films aims to bring a diverse selection of stories to film and television. Engaging with story tellers in varying formats such as feature films, short films, documentaries, TV shows and digital series, Freedom Way Films works to find the perfect synergy between creative freedom for our film makers and fiscal peace-of-mind for our financiers. In other words, bridging the gap between stories well told and stories well sold.


Our goal is to pave the way for upcoming artists who need a platform to contribute to the art form through inclusiveness. By bringing well known actors/directors/writers to collaborate with up and coming talent, we seek to showcase the best of the best without losing the integrity or financial viability of all our projects.

We believe today's giants are bright enough to illuminate the way for tomorrow's stars.


For more information about our CEO/Founder Akende Munalula, please visit: